Balthazar Bratt

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Balthazar Bratt is a former child actor and TV star. He became an international sensation during the 1980s, starring as the title character in the hit TV show Evil Bratt (1985-1987). Despite high ratings, the show was famously pulled off the air before the end of its third season when Bratt hit puberty and literally outgrew the role.


'Evil Bratt'
'Evil Bratt' premiered in 1985 and immediately became one of the most popular shows on television . The show starred a young Balthazar Bratt as a child prodigy and criminal mastermind bent on world domination. Using a combination of hip-hop dance techniques, martial arts, and high-tech weapons disguised as popular 80s gadgets (Rubik's Cubes, Keytars, etc.), the Evil Bratt character skillfully, and comically, thwarted authority figures. With his signature catchphrase, "I've been a baaaad boy, " Balthazar Bratt quickly became the biggest child star of the decade. Evil Bratt was the top-rated show and Bratt had worldwide megastar status, winning numerous accolades for his starring role, including unprecedented back-to-back Kids' Pick Awards for Heart-Throbbiest Leading Actor and a top spot on the Forbes 12-Under-12 List. A barrage of extremely lucrative merchandising opportunities soon followed.

But disaster struck midway through the show's third season when Bratt hit puberty. Overnight, he was no longer the cute, fresh-faced kid who had charmed the world for two-and-a-half seasons. Bratt now had trouble delivering his lines without his voice cracking and the onset of acne caused audiences to turn away from him. Fans left as quickly as they came. Evil Bratt was unceremoniously canceled in 1987, and the series was pulled from the lineup before the final episode could even air.

Personal Life

Bratt was last seen in 1989 outside a newsstand in Hollywood, California, when a tourist caught him on tape ripping up tabloid magazines with his face on the cover. According to the footage, Bratt was wearing a version of the costume his character wore on Evil Bratt, his hair still styled in the iconic Evil Bratt mullet.

Amazingly, Bratt never resurfaced publicly after that incident and all accounts of his whereabouts seem to have been erased or destroyed.